Social Media Strategy

Channel your marketing efforts
80% of your target audience opens their social media apps at least 10 times a day.

There is no better way to gain trust and loyalty from your audience than to engage with them where THEY want to connect with you – their social media platforms. Social media is where the majority of consumers spend the greatest portion of their time online. Waiting in line for their morning coffee or during halftime at their favorite sporting event, they are scrolling, liking and consuming content.

Gaining exposure to your audience doesn’t have to feel “salesy.” In fact, with the right content, created with your target audience in mind, you can use social media to relate to your audience, connect with them on a more personal level and solidify your brand’s relevance in their lives.


Social media is one of the few places you can connect with your audience without creating the “advertising” feel they stray away from – and you determine the cost!

I can help you  determine which social media channels your brand needs to target. Your target audience isn’t on every platform, our goal is to find where your audience spends their time and channel your marketing! I provide BOTH consultation and management options for personalized social media to fit your brand message and its’ target audience.

Basic Plan

Let's get you on the map!
  • Evaluate and Choose the Best Social Media Platform to Utilize
  • 3 Posts per Week including Curated Content
  • Daily Social Media Management
  • Analytics and statistics tracking for each platform

Maximum Reach

Spotlight your brand as an industry LEADER
  • Evaluate ALL social media platforms
  • Custom posting schedule and content creation for each platform
  • Daily Social Media Management
  • Analytics and statistics tracking for each platform
  Ready to learn more? Contact me today for a free initial consultation and learn more about how I can create an annual plan to help you succeed and grow your small business or nonprofit organization.

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